Rogers County, Oklahoma Real Estate Agency OklaHomes Realty Announce Launch of New Interactive Website

Rogers County, Oklahoma Real Estate Agency OklaHomes Realty Announce Launch of New Interactive Website

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Selling is not easy – Harvey MacKay

You have to use your time wisely, use available technology tools and software. You need to be creative, listen, work hard, have role models, be a self-starter, set goals, plan, be passionate, personable and persuasive, use proper body language and not procrastinate.

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Who’s responsible for your success?

If  brokers could wave a magic wand and make agents successful, they undoubtedly would.  Brokerages can only provide the tools, location, facilities, and training to give agents the best chance to become productive.  It is entirely up the agent after that.  The days where an agent can make a decent living by taking floor time are gone, especially in this economy.  Those people who use every tool in the arsenal and embrace technology are the ones who will continue to thrive.  Generation X ers are becoming more affluent and will soon represent a large segment of buyers.  These people are not going to be guided to buy homes in the traditional ways.  They are going to utilize technology to find a home and to find an agent to guide them through the process.  This is a fact.  To believe otherwise is to be delusional. 

An agent is never too old to use these tools and to integrate themselves into the new way of doing business.  Many boomers are mastering technology and continuing to be successful.  You can do it, we can help.  Look around at who is selling the most real estate.  These are the people who have made the transition.  It would be so cool if everyone would recommit to this idea.  What do you think?

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Social Networking

It is time to get involved with social networking.  If you don’t, you will be left at the train station.

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Just Snooping

We are hopeful that after Tuesday’s sales meetings, all will have a renewed interest in our Just Snooping account.  Sandy called them today to see what can be done about some Mosaic downloads and was able to get some for a heavily discounted rate.  See Sandy about purchasing one. 

The broker is excited about the prospects of agents using the call capture program.  This is another idea which can reward listing agents by enabling them to get their calls and communications directly.  Extensive use of this program would trump the expensive and ineffective newspaper advertising.  Sellers will be very pleased to see this program utilized.

Please don’t ignore this great opportunity to put yourself above the crowd.  Please do not hesitate to comment on your support of this new innovative idea.

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Goal Setting

I have determined from our statistics that the average price of sold properties last year was $130,000.  Additionally, our average commission percentage per side last year was 2.83 percent.  This means that the average GCI per side would be $3679.00  If you were on a 70% split then your earnings per side would be $2575.30.  If you wanted to make $70,000.00 this year, you would need to sell 27.18 sides.  Divide that by 11 months (taking one month off) you would have to sell 2.47 houses per month.

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